Ft. Myers and Ian: Part II. TropicanaForum.com: BODY FOUND FLOATING IN CAR PORT

Satellite image of Ian. News photo.


Flooding persists in Tropicana Sands. 9/30/22. From TS Facebook page. Photo by resident Billy Kunkle of Tropicana.


Aerial view of a trailer park in Ft. Myers. (? name). AP photo 9/29/22. TropicanaForum.com


Breaking news. 9/30/22 9:15 am.   A brave resident. Billy Kunkler,  was looking to help. He rescued one stranded person. (Dick Downs), but he discovered a male body floating in a car port. That person was identified as Ron Grabkowski.  (This info is from Billy’s report on the Trop. Facebook page.)

Tropicana is a “total disaster” and is still flooded.  According to our reporter, “No one in the park was unscathed.” A home on the lake was found to be badly damaged and flooded.

The water surge is the worst to ever hit Fort Myers.

TropicanaForum.com received over 2,000 hits yesterday because of our Ian coverage.




Fort Myers 9/29/22. AP photo


Ft. Myers Beach 9/29. AP photo drone.




When art meets disaster: The best news photography ofter reveals the artistic eye of the photojournalist.

Fort Myers, Florida image of flooded field during Ian surge. This is by a People Magazine reporter taken 9/29/22 and reported today.



This is Tropicana Sands as it usually looks. Ft. Myers, Fla. Paul Goldfinger photo.


This is what’s left of Ft. Myers Beach. 9/19/22. AP drone photo.


By Paul Goldfinger, MD.  Editor Blogfinger.net

The photographs coming out of the Ian hurricane reporting is mostly horrendous, but oftentimes it is beautiful art the same time.

It was perhaps in the 1930’s that war photography (combat) was recognized as sometimes being beautiful while it was bringing the story to newspapers and magazines at the same time.  Robert Capa, the Pulitzer winning war photographer, went in on D Day with the first wave, and his images have been shown in galleries and other shows of fine imagery.

The People Magazine photo above looks like an impressionistic painting..


Now the reporting of worldwide news sources consists of still photos, drone videos and other imagery, and it is remarkable in the quality of that reporting and photography.