The Fort Myers Connection: Lush French Bakery (bread, pastry, breakfast, lunch, wine and beer)

Lush French Bakery in downtown Fort Myers PG photo

Lush Bakery.  This French bakery in downtown Fort Myers has wonderful brioches, baguettes, croissants, croq sandwiches, excellent coffees, and a fine lunch menu. Their location in downtown Ft. Myers has tables outside.You can eat there or take out.  We have enjoyed lunch there and, on another occasion, coffee and pastry.  Here’s a hint for something special:   buy a brioche and take it home to make French toast—-Wow!

The owner is Master chef Eric Truglas.  We were having coffee when he came out to greet us.  He gave us the brioche French toast idea.

Lush is  on First Avenue, the main drag in Ft. Myers, next door to Starbucks.  Just take McGregor until you see the sign that points to “downtown.”  Go 2 or 3 blocks and turn left one block to First Avenue.  Then park your car.   They also have a location in Fort Myers on Reflections Parkway. Call for information:  239 561 0306.

Here is a link to Lush web site.   Just click on it:    Lush link

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