Editor’s Corner

1.  Thanks to those folks who have sent comments to get the ball rolling. We also accept ideas for discussion, letters to the editor, news bulletins, photographs, and more.

2. We need some year round volunteer reporters who can send us information about what’s happening when most of the residents return to their primary residences.  We want to know everything. Use this as your guide: “What would my neighbors like to know about Tropicana?”  You don’t have to write an article; just send  the facts.

3. Various organizations in the park are invited to send us reports about their activities. This invitation includes management (Clarice) and the Co-Op Board and any of the other groups.  If someone wants to start a group (eg the Tropicana Hip-Hop and Doo Wop Club), you can make an announcement here.

4. We also plan to publish recipes and medical information.

Thanks,  Paul, Editor Tropicana Forum

Paul Goldfinger, MD