The Fort Myers Connection: the Friday farmers market

At the Friday farmers market on Gladiolus. All photos and text by PG

Every Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. there is a wonderful farmers market about 15 minutes drive from here. It is a lively event with some very unique merchants.

The market is great fun, and the crowded parking lots attest to its popularity. Here is a list of some of the merchandise:  fresh picked produce from nearby Florida farms; bright red beef steak tomatoes and beautiful fat sweet strawberries; fresh made Mozzarella cheese with fresh picked basil; imported cheeses, mostly from France; guacamole made before your eyes in big vats; fresh made sugar coated beignets (New Orleans style) served hot with coffee; pickles and olives; Lush French bakery; butcher shop with superb steaks and sausages; just caught fish; barbecue and ribs made on the spot; Caribbean food featuring a variety  of mac and cheese dishes, strudle baker, bread baker; jeweler; hand made soaps and lotions; and plants—orchids and air plants.  If you know a baby, there are extremely cute crochet baby hats.

The market is in the Lakes Park, off Gladiolus. You just head north on Gladiolus and watch for the signs on the left telling you when to turn. There is a big miniature golf place just before the turn. The parking is plentiful, and there is shaded seating.  Note that there is a similar market on Sunday mornings on Sanibel Island, but traffic and parking are problems.  And here is a song to play while you look at the pictures.  It’s by Norman Blake:

Psychic Chick

Live music.

Beautiful fruits and veggies.

Imported cheeses. Flowers and orchids are sold nearby.