Tropicana Shuffleboard Squad Closes the Season With a Thud

A lovely bunch of Tropicana Fighting Coconuts. Photo courtesy of Sandy Locher.

Today was the final match of the season, and the Tropicana Coconuts, captained by Bruce McNaughton, traveled to Fort Myers Beach to meet the Red Coconuts.  The Tropicana Coconuts belong to the Royal Palms Shuffleboard League.

Linda Wrightman, Tropicana shuffler, sends a zinger straight ahead. Photo courtesy of Sandy Locher.

According to members of the team, they met their match and were “trounced” by a coed squad of ace Red Coconut shufflers. The final score was 18-6.  3 of the Tropicana 6 points were won by the team of Ron Weber and Ted Skrypak. According to Ted, who was putting a happy face on the situation, “We saved the day.”   Neither Ted nor Ron were able to tell us where their team wound up in the league standings.

Ron Weber (L) and Ted Skrypak, star shufflers for Tropicana. They are holding a coconut trophy which will be awarded at the annual banquet on March 22. PG photo

Anyhow, we hope to cheer the team up with some photos and a repeat performance of the coconut fight song.       —PG

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