THA meeting Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012

The Board of Directors of the Tropicana Homeowners Association held a meeting today.  In attendance were the nine board directors including President Bob Van Fleet and about 40 members.

For those of you who don’t know about this organization, it consists of homeowners who are not shareholders  (ie who are not members of the Co-op.) Prior to the resident purchase of the park in 2011, the THA had 470 members. Now it has about 330 eligible members.

At the meeting, there was concern expressed regarding membership.  The group has many members who have not yet paid their $10.00  dues.  For those who wish to become paid-up, you need to contact one of the directors.  Mr. Van Fleet referred to this matter as “an important piece of business.”  A number of members volunteered to make phone calls and help bring in more dues.

Another concern  was about possible further rent increases in 2013. It was pointed out that the current rent  placed Tropicana as one of the most expensive among comparable parks in the area.

Ms. Sandra Locher presented a prototype of a web site that she is designing for the THA.


  1. Paul, 
I sat next to you today at the THA board meeting, and you gave me your card noticing this blog site. I think this blog is GREAT!! If we can expose this so that all are aware I think it will blossom. Thanks for the information. I will be a regular visitor.

    I think you could do a great job “asking” for participation and assistance for our members to join the Association and sign their power of attorney. It just has to be communicated to the people.

    We do have a communication problem, and this site could be the cure we need. Thanks for letting me in and let’s get a few cards up (like the one you gave me) on the bulletin board and passed around to people familiar with the site for distribution to others.

    Editor’s note: Thank you for the encouragement. There are cards available on the bulletin board.

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