Tropicana Residents: Where are we from?


I ride my bike around the park and glance at the license plates. It’s pretty interesting. There seem to be very few plates from New York and New Jersey, but it looks like everybody is from Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  But can you get an accurate impression from those plates? Not likely, partly because many of the Florida plates are probably rentals.  I told my neighbor that there were very few people here from New York and New Jersey. He said, “Not true; there are lots of folks from the northeast.”

So we decided to look at the residents’ directory. The first thing we noticed was that 25 listings gave no information under the state of origin. Secondly, we saw that couples were listed as one, while singles are also listed as one, so think of these numbers as listings, not as numbers of people.  There are quite a few singles in the park.

Then we decided to count the listings by state, but even that is flawed because we know a lady from Tennessee who listed her state as Florida. Evidently those state listings are not so accurate, but who would list themselves as coming from Louisiana, New Hampshire or Arkansas unless they actually came from there?

So, despite the limitations of this survey, here is what we learned from the Tropicana Co-op Inc. Resident Directory of 431 listings:

New York            55

Ohio                        43

Florida                        39

Mass.                        39

Indiana                        38

Penn.                        25

Wisconsin            25

Illinois                        24

Ontario            20  (and 7 from other parts of Canada)

Michigan             18

Maine                        12

Minn.                        11

Conn.                        10

New Jersey            9

Kentucky            8

Rhode Isl.            7

Tenn.                        6

New Hamp.            6

Missouri            6

Georgia            5

California            5

Maryland            5

The Rest            less than 5 each

So what does this prove?  Not much, except that the analysis of license plates by random bike riders is essentially worthless for assessing demographics in Tropicana Park, and the New Yorkers are well concealed except for the guy who’s flying the NY Giants banner proudly next to his car with NY plates which says “Ryebread.”  Why does it say that?   Are you suggesting that the rye-bread down here is sub-par?   Maybe you also want to weigh in on the bagels.       —-Paul