Portrait of Clarice Campbell, Tropicana Site Manager

Clarice Campbell. March 16, 2012. PG photo

Clarice was born in St. Louis, but her only early memories are of Fort Myers where she has lived for 40 years.  She started her job as Tropicana manager this past September. Technically she is an employee of Newby Management Company, but she reports to the Co-op board.

Prior to working here, she spent 18 years in retail management and 10 years as a purchasing agent for a construction company, so she is used to responsible and complicated jobs.  During the year prior to joining Tropicana, she was a manager of 11 condo and homeowners associations.

Her job here is to oversee the community. This means that she supervises the employees, enforces the rules and regulations and provides assistance to the Co-op board. Her job description also includes supervising new sales, park maintenance, scheduling events at the clubhouse, dealing with rules violations, collections and bill paying.  She evaluates all complaints.  Clarice is quite good at multi-tasking. You can see her on the phone constantly plus there always is someone going in and out of her office. She’s the type who thrives on being active.

Clarice is enthused about her work at Tropicana. “I love my job,” she says. You probably have seen her driving around in her golf cart checking on the grounds, the employees and the residents.

Her first spring/summer will be coming up soon, but Clarice  has plans to keep busy. A list of summer projects is being developed, and she hopes to finally get her office organized after a chaotic first winter here.

We asked her about the new renters coupon payment book which is done through the bank.  “It’s working wonderfully,” she said. 95% of the renters pay on time, so there is not much to do as far as collections.

Clarice lives in Fort Myers. She has an 18 year old daughter and a son who lives in Michigan with Clarice’s two grandsons.  In her spare time she enjoys fishing, beaching, church activities and reading.

—Paul Goldfinger, MD