Is an Army of 1,000 Hiding in the Trop Park?

These are the guys you want to watch for.

A few days ago, at the Trop Homeowners Association meeting, a gentleman stood up to complain about security in the park. He said that he heard that there had been two break-ins.  Then he  got everybody’s attention when he declared that an army of 1,000 could be hiding in the park.   He also claimed that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office’s  patrols through the park were essentially useless because they ride through at “thirty miles per hour.”

This concern probably comes as a surprise to many, because the park seems so peaceful. You can leave anything laying around, including a bike or a wife, and nothing gets stolen. So now we have to worry about an army of 1,000 hiding in the park.

The truth is that it is hard for anyone to get away with anything in this tight environment, especially with all the snowbirds around.  And don’t forget all those little attack dogs that are all over the place,  and not to forget Clarice on patrol in her golf cart.

Someone else at that THA meeting complained that the in-gate is kept open during the day, thus allowing retired criminals to drive in and steal our walkers and shuffleboard sticks.  Maybe they will jump into line on hot dog day. Perhaps someone from management will tell us about the gate policy—-click on “comment” below.

So what’s the solution?  If the army is from the Green  people in Kelly, then we need to electrify some of the walls around the park.  Or we can follow the example of a neighborhood park which has posted that all their roads are private and they have a “Neighborhood Watch.”

Nearby community

No place is free of some petty crime.  The best solution is to keep your eyes open, and if you see something—say something  (i.e. call the cops).  If it is a crime in progress, call 911. Otherwise, for a non emergency,  call 239 477 1000.  We will have a followup article describing how to learn about reported crimes here.      —PG

One thought on “Is an Army of 1,000 Hiding in the Trop Park?

  1. Maybe when most are gone security would make sense BUT when we are all here it should not be necessary. Neighbors should look out for each other. People walk by my place at all times of the day and night.

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