Going Green on St Pat’s Day

Smiling eyes and green all over at the Tropicana Clubhouse

Saturday, March 17, 2012.       The Tropicana Social Club took a turn for the green on Saturday night with their annual St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance.  The restaurant “Southern Accents” provided superb corned beef and cabbage. They also catered 3 other St . Pat’s parties, so congratulations to them for the succulent goodies.

Ron Weber (L) yucks it up during dinner

The Irish Mist combo combined Irish standards with fifties dance music.  The event was well attended, and it lasted about about five hours. Door prizes were given out, and there was a 50-50.

Line dancing was popular, and, amazingly on St Pat's day, these ladies could dance a straight line.

A hat trick with Ron Weber (L) and Manfred Stelter, two of the happiest Irishmen at the party.

Eat, drink and be Ted. Donna and Ted Skrypak organized the event for the social club (Ted is El Presidente)

Here’s some green music from Sesame Street by Cibelle  (her album”Las Venus Resort Palace Hotel”)

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  1. The party was awesome-thanks to all who helped and all who attended. The IRISH MIST were great and had a nice mix of Irish music as well as dance tunes.
    We would like feedback for next year-do we want all Irish music or do we want to do a little dancing?

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