Let’s Bring it Out Into the Open: Hate Speech on the Tropicana Forum.


I attended the  THA  (Tropicana Homeowner’s Association) meeting last week.  Prior to the meeting, I introduced myself to the president and told him that I was there in the capacity of editor of this website.  He invited me to stay for the meeting. At no time did the president announce that it  was a private meeting. There was no one checking who was in attendance.

After the meeting I called the president and told him that I was going to report on the meeting. I also mentioned to him that I was a shareholder, but that my goal was to have a fair and inclusive website.  After I published my report, which was 100% accurate, he called to say that that I should “take it down” because he didn’t know prior to the meeting that I was a Co-op member and he didn’t want certain facts revealed.  Out of courtesy I revised the article, leaving out the more inflammatory parts of the meeting, but I was not happy with the attempt to censure this blog.

Today I received an anonymous comment which I posted.  It said  (exactly as it was written):


Î think you should shut this site down c/op snitch.”  


I share this with you because, from my conversations with residents, most people do not want the park to be divided into two enemy camps.

The best way to combat anonymous hate speech is to promote transparency and truth.

The comment, with its personal attack, shown above would ordinarily not be published on this blog, but you all need to see it.     Paul

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  1. I really don’t think we need you to stir the pot any more than it is.
    dont think we need your blog or opinions.

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