Tropicana Forum 101

Just a bit of housekeeping:

1.  Yesterday we had 350 hits (i.e. visits) on this site.  Interest is growing thanks to word of mouth by those of you who are enjoying this.

2. Forum 101.  Questions have been raised:

—–To get on the site  (i.e. to find us), you must type the address into the URL bar  (ie the address line on top of your browser)     The address is

Or, if you are having trouble,  you can keep this email and click on the link (in green below) every time you want to visit us.

click here for the Tropicana Forum

-terminology:  a “comment” is what you readers post when you want to offer an opinion about one of our articles.  Just click on “comments” at the lower right hand corner of each post.  There you will also see a number which indicates how many comments are already there.  So you can click on comments to not only read the ones already submitted, but also to add a new opinion of your own.

the count:  On the right side of the front page, you will see a place that says, “But who’s counting?”   This is the number of visits  (aka “hits”) in total since we started a few weeks ago.  Don’t confuse this number with the number of comments.

3. At the present time, every post we have published is still on the site. Later we may do some editing, but we will not remove anything that we think is important to keep, and that includes comments.

4.  Reminder:  If we take your picture, remember to smile, because people in China might see you on the internet!

5.  Clarice has a supply of Tropicana Forum business cards which have our internet address and our email address.

6. If you are a year round resident (ie you are not a “snowbird”),  you are the real deal—a full time Fla citizen.  So please think of us and be a citizen reporter for the Forum.  Send us bits of news, small talk or big talk. Your neighbors will appreciate that off-season contact