“The Old Men and the Sea.”

By Ron Weber

April 4, 2012:     Today, I had the pleasure to go on a fishing trip with Capt. (Social Club president) Ted & his first mate (“Catfish”) Virgil, who, I might add is from my home state of Wisconsin, who caught the most and the biggest catfish. The Capt also gave us a fine lunch of smoked venison hotdogs and a cold drink.

Later he said,  “Boys, you will not believe what just happened.”  Just before this, a fish took his bait & broke his line. So he made a new cut and put new bait on. He was going to cut the end, but what he did was cut everything that he just put on.  We sure had a good chuckle about that one.

It was a fine day on the high seas off of the island.   A great time  had by all.

Editor’s note:  We hope to receive a photo to go with this fishy story. When it arrives, we will share.   Paul

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