Letters From the Folks. Let’s hear from you.

From Joan Steinke  (year round blog reporter on Camelia Drive, home territory for The Forum)

April 7, 2012:    Sorry I never got any pictures or sent anything from the farewell party.  We didn’t stay very long, just long enough to eat and that was about it.  My neck gets sore when I try to visit with people in a group setting.
We just got a golf cart.  It’s so nice for getting around in the community.  We take it to the pool.  It’s also handy for taking the recyclables do the containers.
There’s a sunrise service in here tomorrow at 7, but we aren’t going.  Maybe someone else will report on it.  We’re going to 9 o’clock church at Faith.  Then we might get to watch the kids hunt for eggs on the church property.  That should be fun.
We had to get a new computer—it’s a lap top.  At least now I have a bigger computer than my netbook to take with me on trips.  And the WiFi coomes in handy!
Regards to everyone:  Joanie    (Editor: I’m tempted to call her “Joanie Maronie”   Those of you from the fifties will understand this joke)
This one is from Joanie dated April 10, 2012:
 Paul and Eileen, you missed the great owl show tonight.  I think there were 2 or 3 adult owls and 1 baby in the tree along the “Camelia” River, right by Ted and Donna’s.  Was something to see…and hear.  Maybe they’re appreciating the quiet also.    Joanie

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  1. Joan: Keep use posted on the going on in Tropicana. Even the weather report would be great. Then we would understand why the things we planted grow so much. Mary

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