Where’s the News and the Conversation?



We’ve contacted the manager and Co-op president at Tropicana and we are hoping that they will send us some news about what’s happening at the Park.

I went to the web site to see if the minutes of the last meeting were available. It turns out that the Co-op web site is mostly about houses for sale, types of ownership, advantages of owning shares, site map, rentals, a calendar , and a few other features. There is a news tab, but it has no news now.

There is a shareholders tab which you need a password to enter. In that section are the minutes and “financials.” It’s easy to gain access. Just email Clarice at tropicana@newbymanagement.com or call her at the office 239 243 0822 and tell her your email address and a password which you will invent. To sign in at the website (see link below), you need to provide your email and your password., but first she has to activate them. There also is a “contact us” tab which you can use to communicate with management.

Here’s the link; just click on it: Tropicana Co-op web site.

If you go to that website, you will see what is available there and what is not. The one area where the Tropicana Forum can be uniquely helpful is under the category of news and opinion. The biggest difference between us and the official website is that you can share your views with other residents and actually have a digital conversation with one or more of your neighbors on our blog. But that process, like your family car, requires fuel.

Also, while you are mobilizing your email address, please send it to us so we can add you to our email blast list. Whenever we have some news, we will let you know. thanks, Paul

2 thoughts on “Where’s the News and the Conversation?

  1. Two years ago we were all homeowners. Now tight-liped……….and we can not have communication when nothing is shared. Secrets always……………

  2. Heard that Saturday night Tropicana had some high winds and that the Tornado news we heard on the weather channel might have happened right in the community. Hope all Tropicana-ites are safe. Keep people who are up north informed.

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