Monday afternoon, April 23 Day #2.

The crew from Paul Davis Restorations came back this morning and finished the clean-up and tarp installation. Debris was removed by truck.  Some of it had blown into the stream behind us.    Photos by Joan Steinke: “excellent neighbor in charge.”

Next step is for the adjustor from the insurance company to arrive.    Paul

3 thoughts on “Monday afternoon, April 23 Day #2.

  1. Paul, this was probably caused by a “straight line” wind. They can do this kind of damage, and they can come out of nowhere.

  2. Paul–too bad about the damage to your place. But you mentioned in one of your blogs that your insurance company will cover the damage—Modern USA.
    Citizens will not cover such damage. Tell us more about Modern USA

  3. Modern USA Insurance Co is in Pinellas Park, Florida. I will post some more information, but right now I can’t recommend them because my dealings with them have barely begun now that this damage has occurred.

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