Postmortem on the Damage

This would be a lovely photo if it weren't for the damage. Joanie photo

Here’s the problem:   How is it that the wind could produce such a “surgical” strike on only one house in the neighborhood?

It was like an explosion had occurred or perhaps a truck pulled up, tied on some ropes and yanked the whole thing down. On the other hand, the debris was strewn all over suggesting the wind had done the deed.  I guess a small but potent tornado could account for this, but I’ve seen photos of tornadoes cutting swaths through a neighborhood, but one house only—in a tight place like Tropicana?   I am a bit skeptical.

The event  happened last Sunday, and the local company that we see around the park, AMS, had no emergency services.  The insurance company suggested a national franchise called Paul Davis Restorations which specializes in emergencies like this.  They have a Fort Myers office, and they sent a crew down the same day to stabilize the site, remove debris and place tarps to prevent water coming in. They were very professional. The insurance company did not insist that everything be left “as is” pending the arrival of an adjuster.  They allowed the mess to be cleared.

Today  (Monday) their crew came back to finish the job of taking away debris.  So far they have been very professional and efficient.

I had been told that insurance companies no longer insure carports, but that is not the case with this company:  Modern USA.

I will keep you informed, since we all can learn from this experience.       Paul

One thought on “Postmortem on the Damage

  1. Reading the Blog daily since returning north, with the thought that we might be informed as to what is happening in the Tropicana on a weekly or even a bi-weekly basis. We would like to be informed by the Co-op as to improvements and/or decisions they are making to the benefit our community.

    For example we have two hard working maintenance men on our crew. Over the summer months they must have an ongoing list of jobs that cannot be accomplished during season, which is the busy time of year. What’s their plan for the summer???

    We hope management will keep us abreast of the accomplishments.

    We applaud you Paul, as we thought, this might be the communication that the Tropicana needs.

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