Progress Note: storm damage on Camelia Drive. April 24, 2012

Photo by Joan Steinke April 23, 2012

The roof damage is not significant .  The roof-over had flipped back on itself because there is a metal anchor which got blown away.  The roof is fine according to the contractor Paul Davis Restoration.  Today the contractor brought an aluminum subcontractor over.  The carport will be rebuilt according to code which means a tougher roof and bigger vertical supports.

The next step is for the insurance adjustor to show up tomorrow. Hopefully he and the contractor will get together on the assessment of what needs to be done.  After that, there will be weeks of getting permits and approvals.  Engineering plans have to be presented to Fort Myers construction department.

We’re looking at a time frame of maybe a month or probably longer.  Construction will probably take less time than the approvals.

Thank goodness we have insurance. You all should check your policies.  I met a guy this past March who told me that he had no insurance.  He had purchased his unit cheaply and he said that insurance would not cover replacement cost if he had a total loss, so he was “going bare”  (i.e. no insurance).

As to the cause, it’s hard to believe that only one house  had significant damage, but a freak storm is the only feasible explanation.

Yesterday 102 people visited this site, so you can see how valuable it can be for communication. I’m glad you found the news, because I have very few emails on my list to use to establish a quick alert list for news notifications.

I have been getting very few comments and practically no news items. I guess it was fate that enabled me to use my own news   for this story.    Hopefully this storm story will encourage more future participation.  I continue to be hopeful that Clarice and the Co-op board will help me provide you with information.