News Report: Power Outage

From Joan Steinke, Tropicana Forum reporter.   April 27, 2012.  6:30 p.m.:


The power in Tropicana went off around 8:30 A.M. on Friday.  Parts of the community were restored about an hour later.  Those are the homes that are on with the fire station.  Almost the rest was on a little later, but The ditch side of Camelia, and from our house to Palm plus some on East Palm and Lantana were out until 12:45 P.M.  It’s amazing how we depend on electricity for our everyday living.   Flipping a light switch is automatic.   Using the microwave.  So much of what we do is so dependent on electricity.  I’m not sure what caused the power outage but will share when I know!

4 thoughts on “News Report: Power Outage

  1. Yes we do miss all those things we take for granted when we lose them, even temporarily, don’t we? I heard there were 4,000 without power but I don’t know why either.

    Weather has just been beautiful here, but we do miss all our friends that have gone back up north and we hope they are staying warm.


  2. Glad to be informed about anything that concerns our home and our future in the Tropicana. Rumors are not the answer and of course SECRETS surely cause dissentiion.

  3. Thank you Snowbird. I found from my small town blog in New Jersey, that even small bits of news or even chit-chat are welcomed by the locals. Paul

  4. To me communication is so important between all of us. This really is a good place for all of us to stay informed, no matter how “uneventful” the message may be.

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