Tropicana Chit-Chat

From Judy:   April 28, 2012

Stay warm in Buffalo.

“Phyllis:   Overnight low in Buffalo area was 28, and they claim another freeze warning tonight.  Those cute sandles with the beads that I like so well are packed in the closet.  We need socks and sneakers and also sweat pants.

I do miss that beautiful sun that we see in community and miss hearing the birds that start at five in the morning saying WHO WHO WHO.  Miss all of you guys and I am sure the water in the pool must be 86 and all of you are bobbing on your noodles.  Stay in good health.   Judy”

2 thoughts on “Tropicana Chit-Chat

  1. Judy you are so right, the pool was awesome today, I actually spent 2 hours there. The longest ever this season of course I have much more time on my hands now that my friends abandoned me an all went back up north lol. I actually started packing today. 10 days before we leave. Bud, who is in Chicago told me to stay here where it’s warm, he said he was shoveling snow yesterday but he was just being funny. Has been cold however there. The summer crowd has come to the pool to swim now, so it’s a whole new pool crowd. Miss you, Phyllis

  2. Two weeks home, and our tan has washed down the drain with every shower. But I still remember the warmth of the pool and our Tropicana friends and neighbors. The friends that went up north and are doing the other life (which does not include cards, shuffling, dominos, exercise classes and pot lucks) let us know how you are doing and lets stay connected.

    I always called the Tropicana “AN ADULT CAMP”. Stay healthy, that”s the answer.

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