Progress note on our wrecked carport.

The insurance company sent an adjustor over. The construction company came up with an estimate.  The cost of the cleanup, permits, materials  (per code) and construction is going to be significantly  higher than the amount covered in our insurance policy.  The damage was mostly in the carport,  but  there also was damage to the roof-over  where it attaches to the house and to the metal awnings in front, including their supports plus some minor siding damage.

Note that carports, lanais, sheds, and metal awnings are all covered  separately in mobile home insurance policies.  As noted before, some policies do not cover carports at all.  You all should read the provisions in your policies.  If you are not covered for your carport, or if your carport coverage is small relative to the replacement cost, you should know that in advance.  The deductible is another issue.