Progress Note on Our Wrecked Carport

This is how it looked April 23. It still looks this way.

The storm hit  April 22.  It is now over 2 weeks, with no  definite plan.

The first contractor who sent us a proposal was very expensive, and the insurance company would pay only 20% of the cost.  As noted before, the carport insurance was only for $2,500   (the most we could get when we took out the policy), and most of the damage was to the carport.

So we sought an opinion from another contractor..  His assessment of the situation was quite a bit different, because he said that the roof of the house was damaged and would have to be replaced. He said that the roof was in bad shape to begin with.   The first proposal would have just repaired the roof.

Contractor #2  came in lower than #1, even with a new roof,  but the total cost was also very high.   We have sent the second proposal to the insurance company in the hope that they will increase the payout because of the roof issue, but the matter is complicated by differing opinions on  what kind of restoration is needed.

Meanwhile tarps are in place on our roof.    —PG