Progress note on the storm wrecked house

The insurance company said that our home was from 1979 and is considered to be “old.”  The claims officer told me that they used to be delivered as a box-like structure.  The wheels and axels were then removed, and the unit set into place.  After that came the “add-ons” which included the lanai, the carport, the awning  (overhang in the front ) and the shed.

After the hurricanes of  2004 (?), the insurance companies realized that these “add-ons” were the most vulnerable to wind damage, so they decided to insure them separately  with very low coverage amounts.

If your roof gets damaged in a storm  (as ours was), and if your roof is one that is considered “old” by the adjustor  (as is the case with ours,) then they might reduce the coverage by as much as 75%.  In other words, if the replacement cost of a new roof  (the same kind that was there in the first place——not the latest kinds) is $5,000.00, you would probably get about $1,200.

More reports to follow. You can all learn from our experience.        Paul

6 thoughts on “Progress note on the storm wrecked house

  1. Sorry for your claim and the difficulty of not being in Florida to deal with the claim but glad you are informing all of us about mobile home insurance. We pay the premium every year thinking we have coverage that would make us whole again and that is not the case. Last year in order to get insurance we had to pay $45. to have our roof inspected checking the life of the roof.

    This year the letter informed us that the add-ons would not be covered. Actually it looks as though the premium will cover only the unit itself. Thinking of our community. What would happen if a hurricane would go through and destroy a portion of the park. The older units like mine (early 1970’s), the depreciation would be so great, we would never be able to replace as the payout would be a couple thousand. OMG!!!!!!!!

  2. Because of these observations, someone might just want to self-insure. You might be better off putting $1000 or more per year in a bank account. But don’t forget to get liability coverage. PG

  3. Our insurance premium came due this last March and we went to the insurance company to find out what was covered and for what amount. We always thought we would get the face value of the policy but were told, no, it was like car insurance and Kelly’s Blue Book, depending on the age of the unit.

    The insurance agent was even surprised that we were still offered insurance because of the age of our mobile home. She said they were planning on canceling older mobile home and that a lot of people had already lost their insurance. This of course is Citizens Insurance. So we all need to pray that a hurricane does not hit our park because it would be a disaster for everyone.

  4. The liability is necessary and I was fortunate enough to be able to put a rider on my Homeowners Policy that insured my north home. It was very reasonable in cost to do this but I do not know if ALL companies will handle this rider addition.

  5. I hear that you people in Florida are getting a lot of rain. How about letting use people up north know if every thing is ok

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