Progress note on our wrecked carport.

May 18. AMS stabilizes the tarps. We await the start of the roof replacement. The permit for the carport will take a few weeks. Photo by Joan Steinke, Forum photographer

We finally decided to allow AMS to do the work on our home.  They will be rebuilding the carport to code, and thus it should withstand 160 mph winds.  According to AMS, no tie downs are needed.  They also found that our damaged roof was old and wearing badly, so we will have that job done as well.  The insurance company will pay a small amount towards the roof.

As noted, it is going to cost us a great deal out of pocket because the insurance reimbursement is so poor.  We hate to put more equity into a unit that is pretty old, but there is no choice.

We will report back on how the work schedule plays out.        Paul