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We have received no information from Newby  Management  or The Co-Op board.  They won’t share even the most harmless news such as the work going on around the park.     It is now nearly two months since we started watching for some  news.  In this situation, no news feels like bad news.  I haven’t received any mailings or emails.  It’s a big zero.  At this rate you might want to send us photos of your dog.

If any of you get any information, please pass it on.   With most of us scattered to the four winds, we have no clout, but you might want to keep this in mind when the next election of your leaders takes place.  We need officers who promise to communicate.  We have to admire those who volunteer to be on the board, but they are elected officials whose loyalty should be to us the Co Op membership, not to some code of silence among the Board.

This blog is for you, the residents of Tropicana. So why not write your representatives and ask them to tell us what’s going on. Write Newby and tell them that they work for us.   This blog  is the only mechanism available where you can have a discussion with others who are in the same boat, short of getting into your boat and paddling to Fort Myers or waiting another six months minimum.  By the time January gets here, the water may have risen over the sides of a sinking ship.

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  1. What absolutely amazed me is that at the last Tropicana Co-op Board meeting a startling revelation emerged. Co-op may have trouble meeting its mortgage payment and the tax obligation was an issue with the homeowners that did not purchase a share. VERY FEW shareholders expressed a concern at that meeting. ARE YOU KIDDING. How many sleepless nights do these 135 people need before they ask a few questions????? Out of 470 units only 135 shares were purchased. Does that tell the Co-op what the majority of resdients thought of the deal.

  2. Does the Tropicana Co-op have an updated NEW prospectous in place as it has been a considerable time since they submitted for approval. Should not all residents have a copy?????????

  3. While we are up north, does Newby Management team have any summer projects to improve the community?? As Newby manages many other communities, we feel they must conduct the same management skills and ideas that have been successful in other communities. Whats new and different???? We have two hard working maintenance men and their duties out of season are surely different.

  4. Snowbird: Before I left for Jersey, I interviewed Clarice Campbell. She said that management/Co-op Board had a number of summer projects to work on. She also promised me that she would send information to the blog regarding what was happening including those projects. In addition, I asked Mr.Covington to also keep us informed by sending posts to the blog. But neither of them have come through. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to do so. I can’t come up with an answer that would be reasonable, and we can’t read their minds.

    Hopefully they will come through and join the conversation. In my experience in New Jersey with local politicians, they hate to communicate with our blog because that means that they have to explain themselves to the public. But, in our town, there is one councilwoman who has the guts to jump into the discussions with both feet, and that is a huge service to the voters, and they will show their approval at the next election.

  5. Because the Tropicana community is important to us, and for six months we are completely OUT OF THE LOOP, we felt the Blog would be the answer for information on the weather, sale of homes, projects, activities, goals, thoughts, etc. Before leaving we heard that Wynn-Dixie on SanCarlos would close and that a Super Walmart would be built. That would be a wonderful addition if it did happen. Any word on that??????????

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