Progress Note: Wrecked car port

AMS has ordered the materials for the roof.  They hope to get going on that within 2 weeks. They are concerned because the rainy season is going to start. It’s also getting quite hot there.  The insurance company mailed our check to Florida, but we don’t have the mail forwarded, so they have to stop the check and resend it; even though I had told them I was in New Jersey.

The carport will take up to 8 weeks to get done because of permits and inspections.  The county inspects roofs only after they are done , but the carport must be inspected before and after.   The new building codes for immobile homes went into effect in March, so now they must build the car port according to stronger (and more expensive standards).         Paul

One thought on “Progress Note: Wrecked car port

  1. Of course you are doing this correctly by getting permits and inspections. That is not always the case with many in the Tropicana. The F M O suggests that you have licensed and insured contractors and in that case they get permits.

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