Spring Flowers in Tropicana Park: By Joan Steinke, Forum Reporter and Photographer

Lilly.  All photos   by Joan Steinke

Here are some pictures of the spring flowers here.  You don’t get to see them when you go north!  One is a mango tree on Banyan,and another is the lime tree behind Ted and Donna’s house on Camelia.  The one tree with the reddish orange flowers is a Poinciana tree on Poinciana.  I’m going to take a picture of one more in bloom but it won’t be in Tropicana.

It’s been pretty quiet here except for the few guests that don’t know what following the rules means.  Also, one gal down our street accused me of taking their pictures when all we were doing was riding on the golf cart trying to find different flowers to photograph.

Joan Steinke, reporter and photographer for the Tropicana Forum

Mango tree.

Frangipani tree    (so sayeth Joanie)

Mango  tree.

Editor’s Note:  Thanks Joanie. We may have to assign you a member of the Forum’s security team to accompany you on your photo assignments.   Paul

6 thoughts on “Spring Flowers in Tropicana Park: By Joan Steinke, Forum Reporter and Photographer

  1. Thanks Joan for sharing the pictures with us northerners.

    How has the weather been? We keep seeing rain, rain, rain on our radar but we know from the winter months that is not the usual case. Often it is just another beautiful day in Florida no matter what the TV screen shows us, and I hope that is the case with your weather now.

    We had a lot of rain in Wisconsin; haven’t’ even gotten around to putting the garden in yet and it’s been extremely hot, but today we have a beautiful day and another one coming up tomorrow.

    Keep the pictures coming along with weather reports and hope all stays well with you.

  2. Thanks Joanie for the pictures. The mango tree is in our backyard on
    Poinciana also. I have never seen a Easter Lilly with so many blooms on it. Great picture.

    The Poinciana tree: I have never seen one in bloom. What a wonderful surprise to have on my e-mail.

    Mary Ferry

  3. We do see beautiful flowers in the winter months but enjoy seeing the ones we miss in the summer months. Great pictures.

  4. The tree identified as the lime tree is another mango tree. The tree with the pink flowers is not a Poinciana tree. The Poinciana tree has orange-red flowers on it. When Poinciana trees are in full bloom, they’re beautiful. Hopefully the new pictures will get posted.

  5. Just a little information for the snowbirds: the pool has been wonderful. It’s so refreshing to just “hang out” on a noodle and soak up some rays!

    There really hasn’t been many happenings here in our community. There’s a 4th of July party in the works. Other than that, things really get quiet when the snowbirds “fly” north. Every one goes about their business until it’s time to meet up in the pool. It’s a tough life down here but we’re happy to hold up our end of the bargain.

    Hope everyone is having a good spring/summer.

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