Letter to the Editor. Answers to Questions

Do you want information and discussion? Try diving into those financial and news reports in the Co-op website.

To the Editor:

May 30, 2012

“Fortunately, the answers to your many questions are only a click away. Go to http://www.tropicanacoop.com This excellent web site will explain many points of interest to you. This is the official venue for communication for the business of the board of directors of the coop. As a shareholder call the park manager, Clarice Campbell for a password to log in to the board minutes and financial reports. Log in to news of the community on tropicanacoop.com by typing in password, tropicana to read about many improvements.”

Harvey Hagman

Tropicana Resident

Editor’s Note:  Thank you Mr. Hagman.  You are correct about the financials and the minutes, but, other than that,  please tell us where we will find any “news of the community”…..or “many improvements” or “many points of interest.”

In April we posted an article about the advantages and disadvantages of the Co-op web site.  Click on the link below to see what we had to say about that web site.

Link to the Co-op web site article

In our article, we said the following about what is deficient in the Co-Op web site: “If you go to that website, you will see what is available there and what is not. The one area where the Tropicana Forum can be uniquely helpful is under the category of news and opinion. The biggest difference between us and the official website is that you can share your views with other residents and actually have a digital conversation with one or more of your neighbors on our blog. But that process, like your family car, requires fuel.”

This latter comment refers to the lack of everyday news /information and the lack of somebody from management and/or the Co-op board to join in with our discussions regarding matters that interest the residents, other than just the dry financial reports and minutes found on the Co-OP website.  Sure you can email the office in the park or even call them with a question, but we are looking for a way that all of us can participate, discuss, and learn from everyone’s concerns, including non-shareholders.

If you are able to sign into the Co-op website now, you will find  the financial information  (most currently for April) and the prior minutes.  You must be a shareholder to see these reports   If you are adept at reading and interpreting such financial statements, you might be able to answer many of your questions about the co-op financials, but probably most of you, like me,  cannot do that.   I did, however, discover the following statement which is a major one:

From the treasurer Mr. Owen Barnhart:  “The Co-op is in a good financial position to meet its obligation of paying its 2013 mortgage principal payments.”

The other item of interest is a brief statement containing no details regarding the 2011 Audit.  It just says that the audit is complete and you can see the report by going to the Co-op office.

Mr. Hagman is correct in saying that the Coop web site is very nice, but it isn’t enough.  The Tropicana Forum can compliment the Coop web site, but we need their cooperation.  But aren’t we them?        —Paul     Editor @Tropicanaforum.com

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  1. Does the Co-op have any summer projects on the books for 2012??? We have two hard working Maintenance Men who’s work load during season is probably not the same during summer months.

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