Who’s On First at the Tropicana Co-op? Improving the Flow of Information

By Paul Goldfinger, editor, Tropicana Forum

Since our last discussion we have learned some more about a variety of subjects that have been raised on the Tropicana Forum.  Here is a summary:

1Florida statute 719 provides legal guidance as to how a co-op should operate.  Our Co-op board is working to comply with all those provisions.   Here is a link to that statute:  click for Florida statute 719

2. Newby Management is working closely with the Board .  The Co-op is a new entity, so there still is a learning curve for the Board.

3.  The financial information about the Co-op is “proprietary” which means it is only visible to the  shareholders who log onto the web site. This is the reason why I cannot reproduce those financial reports on this blog.

The Co-op Board has been posting the financial reports on their web site.     Tropicana Co-op Website click here

See our prior article regarding access to that web information.  Currently the April financials are posted— as of  May 30, 2012.

If you have questions about the finances, you can contact the treasurer directly  (Mr. Owen Barnhart).   When I get his contact information, it will be posted here, but meanwhile you can call the Co-op office for his numbers.

4.  The minutes of the Board meetings are also posted on the Co-op website  for shareholders only, but having read the March minutes online, I think we have to be careful as to how much we can rely on those minutes.  I found two serious omissions:

First, for those of you who were present at the March meeting, you know that the floor was open to questions and that a prominent member of our community stood to urge the Board to do a better job of communicating to the shareholders and, in fact, to everyone in the park.  There is no mention of that important subject in the minutes, and it is a concern that we share at the Forum.

Second, you may also recall that everyone’s attention was heightened when the Treasurer indicated that there might be a problem meeting the Co-op’s mortgage obligations.  But that  important topic didn’t make the minutes either.  (It is discussed in the financial report on the web site.)

5.  Regarding, the Co-op web site, it  is lacking in some areas, but it is new, and now the Board is  in the stages of getting used to it and improving it.  Hopefully they will subsequently post the rules and regulations,  the park calendar, a “plain English” commentary by the treasurer,  a president’s report, news items, and a manager’s report.

6.  As we have previously suggested,  the Forum can complement the official web site by providing a way that we all can discuss the issues. In addition we want to post news, information and photographs of life in Tropicana to supplement whatever you find on the Co-op site.  We are optimistic that they will eventually agree to send some news and other information our way.

We remain hopeful that the Board will join with us in our quest to improve the flow of information and to encourage the shareholders and other residents to join our discussions.