What’s it all about, Alfie?


After my efforts to unravel a communications misunderstanding yesterday with the Co-Op Board secretary, some of you might understandably wonder what we are ultimately trying to accomplish with the Tropicana Forum.

A reader named “Hope and Change” sent us a comment today and said, ” Some of us thought the Blog would be the answer to gossip and rumors, etc, however the secrets will continue, along with NO COMMUNICATION which is what we have been used to for a longtime. OH WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Oh well”  with about one hundred exclamation marks sounds like someone is giving up.  But not so fast!  We have not compromised our original goals.  If you read the “ABOUT”   section  (click on it at the top of our front page) you will find a discussion of what our goals are.  None of that has changed.

Basically it says that we want to provide a new  way to process information—something different from what the usual Trop sources do. We want to offer  a forum for Tropicanites to discuss ideas, issues and concerns.  But unless YOU send us your ideas, issues and concerns, nothing much will happen.

If I learn about something that you might want to talk about, then I will put it on the blog, but I need you to help by starting some conversations.  If  you know of any issues regarding Tropicana, send us a note  (email: blogfinger@verizon.net) or comment on any of the existing posts already on the site.  You can use your name or a pseudonym.

As for yesterdays brouhaha, nothing really happened except that I will not post the Co-op news verbatim  (you shareholders will get your own copies), but once those newsletters have been made public by sending them out to shareholders, then we will feel free to discuss them on the Forum.

As for the privileged information (financials and minutes)  secured by password on the Co-op web site, you shareholders have access and you can say what you want about those documents by contacting the Forum. This is nothing new; you already can discuss those items by telephone, email, Facebook, your own blogs, conversation with neighbors, etc.   I just will not post those Co-op  documents verbatim.  That’s not for us to do.

We will be an alternative place to find information, but we will do it  our way, while the Co-op Board will do what they do on their website and via their newsletters.  We want to have a good relationship with the Board and hopefully they will be responsive to the comments that appear on the Forum.

Yesterday  we had 243 visits to the Forum, but only one comment. However,  you have to admit that 243 readers is a great beginning. It is many more people (in one day) than the Board gets at any of their meetings, so it would a good idea for them to not ignore us, but, instead, to join with us in opening up the process of communication at Tropicana.


I guess we should play this song:

2 thoughts on “What’s it all about, Alfie?

  1. 243 visits to the Blog and only one comment. What’s that all about? You are indicating it MIGHT be a GREAT beginning. We have had this wonderful tool since April and there has been a lot of visiting to the site with NO communication. I will not give up.

  2. “Hope and Change !!!!!!”: Thank you for the compliment, but might I suggest that you take it to the next level in two ways: First by starting a discussion on some Tropicana topic, and second by sending us your email address so that we can add you to the notification list—you can be first on your block to learn about new Forum postings. Thanks, Paul

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