Tropicana Gardening: What Would You Do?

Joanie has embarked on a landscaping project. She has send us two photographs and a note.  Her front yard faces east.  This is her email to us:   “Here are a couple pictures of our front lawn.  Bob removed all the old “stuff” first and then put a grub/insect killer on it.  Today we got our sod, two Fort Myers yellow hibiscus trees, and a lemon tree for the back.”

What would you do if you were landscaping your front yard?   If you know about gardening in Florida, tell us what plants you would use.

Also please comment on some other issues:   When is the best time to plant?  What about palm trees?  If grass is desired, is there a certain kind that withstands heat and drought?

And finally, which plans would work best for snow-birders  whose properties are left unattended for long periods?

Click on comments below to offer your opinion.   Also check the soundtrack under the photos from the long-running off-Broadway hit show “The Fantasticks”  This song is about gardening;  perhaps you want some vegetables? —Paul

Joan’s yard BEFORE

Joan’s yard during planting.

Finished front

finished back yard

Gardening music  “Plant a Radish.”  This is from the long-running off-Broadway hit “The Fantasticks.”

3 thoughts on “Tropicana Gardening: What Would You Do?

  1. The finished pictures were supposed to be sent at the same time but I had computer problems. Paul can post them when he has time! We’re loving the new “look.”

  2. And the green and yellow is not because of the Packers. Bob really liked the Fort Myers yellow hibiscus. Eventually we might add a few more trees of different colors. Our new task is twice a day watering, but not if it rains. So far that has only been once since we had it put in.

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