TROPICANA FORUM: Four Month Progress Report

Tropicana Park. 2012.  Photo by Paul Goldfinger   (if you left click once, you can view the photo full screen;  then use back arrow to return.  )

1. Many thanks to those of you who have visited our site.  Even though this is the “off season,” we have had over 10,000 visits, and the daily counts have averaged about 50, with an all-time high of 348.  The latter occurred after our articles on the Co-op meeting where questions were raised about the financial survival of the organization.   It is clear  that if we post important information, people will show up to read it.  (“If you build it, they will come.”)   But it also shows that even  music and pictures are welcomed by some of you. (see our song below)

2.  It is also clear that none of the major organizations in the Park  (except for Ted Skrypak of the Social Club—see below) are willing to send us anything other than their usual scheduled  bulletins which go out to their members.  But that’s OK–they are content with their current mechanisms of communication, even though we have explained that we can compliment and enhance what they are trying to accomplish.  Their participation is really not so important anyhow because we aim to go in other directions. However,  if they want to communicate via our blog technology, our digital doors will remain open to them.

Instead,  I am going to focus on the areas where The Forum can be helpful.  I will continue publishing this blog  in case we can be of service by providing you Tropicanites with a place to “talk” to each other, to discuss issues and ideas, and to hear about news that you can’t get elsewhere such as  stories of lifestyle  in the Park and emergency news such as a bad storm.  For more substantial topics, we are open to almost anything.

We want you to  see the visuals—-photos and movies of happenings in the Tropicana Park, Fort Myers, Florida.  (We will provide a way to show movie clips in time for the next snow bird migration back south).  It is up to you to help with the content, but, like New Yorkers who never  visit the Empire State Building, it’s good to know it’s there.

3. In the current Social Club news bulletin, President Ted Skrypak said the following, “I’ve tried keeping up with the goings ons at Tropicana by logging onto the blog site  Tropicana Forum web link. It’s a good way for everyone to keep current on most of what’s happening in our park. The more it’s used the better it will become (so I encourage you to use it.) A special thanks to  Dr. Paul Goldfinger for setting up and managing this site.  Not bad for a guy from New Jersey.”

Yo Ted.  How ya doin’?:   Thank you for being a stand-up guy.  Even though you are from Kentucky, it’s clear that you are from a place  “where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.”

Meanwhile, let me entertain you.  Hopefully more of you will be encouraged to share our potential with your neighbors. Please send your email addresses so we can notify  you if King Kong has been around the Park.   ( email )     —-Paul

So here’s Sandra Church from the Broadway cast of Gypsy with our theme song for today.

5 thoughts on “TROPICANA FORUM: Four Month Progress Report

  1. Paul,
    I just wanted to say you are doing a good job on the blog. Keep up the good work.

    I really like your photos of the vegetation in bloom. I had wondered what the Poinciana tree looked like in bloom. Since we are up north in the spring, we don’t get to see it. It is beautiful.

  2. Paul, I too enjoy seeing pictures of the vegetation we miss during the six months we are not in Florida and realize Tropicana-ites every day, have “another day in paradise”. Hope your blog will invite communication among ALL residents and handle the cries of people who have concerns. Maybe this will be the season.

  3. Snowbird: You are correct in emphasizing the word “ALL.” It is my hope that all segments of the Tropicanite community can join the conversation here, and that includes the Homeowners Association.

    As for the spelling of Tropicanite, there is no right answer. I like Tropicanite because it is to the point and lacks a pompous hyphen. But language evolves according to usage, so let’s see which name others use to call themselves. Another nominee would be “Tropicanner” or “Tropicaner.” Or how about “Tropicanian.”

  4. Thanks Jack. For some of the foliage photos we have our ace on-site photog. Joanie Staenke to thank, but we welcome photos from any Tropicanite.

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