Snowbirds: Show Your Tropicana Neighbors Where You Live


Eileen snaps a photo at the Gateway National Recreation Area at Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Left click once to see this image full frame. Then back arrow once. PG photo

I’ve been sharing some photos of my New Jersey town: Ocean Grove.  But I bet that most of you spend a good part of your year somewhere north of Fort Myers. How about emailing the Forum photos of where you live. Send us a few sentences about the picture. I’ve never been to Ontario, or Wisconsin, or Kentucky, or most anywhere in the mid-west. I’d love to see where you live.
This could be fun. You can also suggest a song to go with the photo, but that’s optional. Just send the photo to this email address:

If you don’t know how to email a photo, find a kid who knows. He/she is probably sending naked photos of themselves to their friends, so they could help you.