Our Wind Damaged Home: Progress Note

Our carport was blown away on April 22, along with some roof damage.  The insurance claim processing was slow, and there were some hassles. Our contractor AMS helped us obtain an extra check from the insurance company for the roof work, but the old roof was so heavily depreciated that the payment was small. Finally it was determined that 66% of the cost would be out of pocket.   The rest would be covered by insurance.

We had  hired our contractor on May 17, but, it wasn’t until  June 30 that the roof was replaced due to various delays.

The engineering plans for the carport were submitted to Lee County by the contractor.  About one week ago we learned that the AMS  materials had come in, but they couldn’t start work until the County gave final approval. We had been told that it would take 6-8 weeks after May 17  before the car port could be done.  That is where we are now, about 2 1/2 months since the storm. The work should begin soon.   When the job is done, the carport and roof will be much stronger than before, but at a steep price.   —-Paul