MUSIC: What’s the Most Romantic Musical Instrument Ever?

Paris, perhaps the most romantic place. Have you all seen “Midnight in Paris?” It’s terrific. You can rent it or buy it, but don’t miss seeing this Woody Allen movie (2011).


What instrument has stood the test of time as the most romantic musical instrument?  No, it’s not the organ. And no, Mr. Wiseguy, it’s not the bass drum or the electrified flute. Now I suppose, if you want to stretch the definition of a musical instrument, you might say the human voice. Frank Sinatra comes to mind.

But Stradivarius  knew the answer — it is the violin.  So here we have the sine qua non of romantic music: Frank Sinatra singing “Close to You” with a lovely violin solo.

Am I right about this? Any other ideas?  But please, no exotic instruments from Asia and forget about the ocarina and the French horn. If you tried to get romantic with a French horn, you could hurt yourself.    —Paul Goldfinger

Ladies and germs: Here’s Frankie: