Tropicana Co-op Website Evolves into an Excellent Source of Information.


Without any fanfare, the Co-op website has become a comprehensive source for a variety of news and information that you should check out periodically.

The “home page” provides a welcoming place for browsers to find out about the park and to view the real estate situation. A “site map” is not about the website.  It is a helpful map of the park.  Other useful areas are works in progress including the calendar and the photo gallery. A section containing “testimonials” offers quotes from happy residents.

On the “home page” you can choose the “shareholders” section which requires a log-in using your email address and password.  Inside that location you can read the minutes, bylaws, the 2012 budget and some audit information.

The “news” section is open to all residents, but you must sign in with the password “Tropicana. ”  That password was revealed in the Tropicana Social Club newsletter. This ‘community news’ section provides management announcements, the President’s Report, and an interesting part called “2011 accomplishments.”

The news section also contains useful advice about hurricane preparation, tree removal and the Co-op rules for community living. You can also find the current edition of the “newsletter” which is the Social Club publication put out by Dick Krieg. In it is “Clarice’s Corner”—full of  practical news and advice.

All in all, the Tropicana Co-op web site has lived up to its promise thanks to Newby Management.  A big challenge will be to keep  all the parts up to date. Management has done a great job in relating the progress being made around the park.

Here is a link which will take you directly there.  Just click on it:

Tropicana Co-op Website click here