We’re Not Just Another Pretty Face: New Services on the Tropicana Forum

1.  CLASSIFIED ADS:  If you are trying to sell something, like a piece of furniture, an annoying husband, or whatever, just tell us about the item and how you want people to contact you.

If you are reluctant to have us post your name, phone number and/or email address, then we can just ask interested parties to contact us by email at blogfinger@verizon.com, and we will forward their email to you, but I will need your email address for this method.

We will post classified ads for a limited amount of time, let’s say one week.

But, just so you know, we will not allow certain things to be sold on the blog, including the “trip to paradise” offered for sale by Anita O’Day:

2.  EMAIL BLAST LIST:  For those people who receive our email blasts, we inform them when we have posted an interesting item. But the only way you can join this elite mailing list is to send me your email address. It will not be shared with anyone.  When the email blast goes out, the recipients only get to see their own email address.

3.  NEWS CLIPS.  This feature just started yesterday. If you have any news having to do with Tropicana that you want to share, just write us an email  (blogfinger@verizon.net).   No news is too trivial for us.