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Did you see the show “The Fantasticks?” We did, twice. We took our two sons when they were little, and then when they became men, the show was still playing in Greenwich Village, so we took them again, with their significant others, and we sat in the same seats.

Why am I telling you this? Well, today Eileen took a picture of radishes (below). She didn’t grow them, she bought them in the supermarket. And all of this intersects in this post where we have her photograph of radishes and we have a song called “Plant a Radish” from the original cast album of “The Fantasticks.” It’s about raising children and gardening.

“The Fantasticks” by Harvey Schmidt (music) and Tom Jones (lyrics) ran for 42 years at the Sullivan Street Playhouse. It has played all over the world and is currently playing in Times Square. Its themes, story and music are timeless. —Paul