MUSIC: Are Educated Women Boring? Stephen De Rosa Thinks So.

This post is republished from the Ocean Grove (NJ) website  “Blogfinger.”

A scene from Boardwalk Empire. Don’t miss it when it returns.

This delightful tune is brief but poignant. It is from the soundtrack of Boardwalk Empire, the HBO hit series.  Stephen DeRosa is the singer, and if he were appearing at the Great Auditorium this coming weekend, I bet we’d have some protesters there. But we’ll let him have his say on Blogfinger, and remember, this show is set in wild Atlantic City back during Prohibition days.   The band for this album is Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks.  They won an Emmy for the soundtrack. For the music historians out there, Eddie Cantor made this song his own in 1923.     —-PG