The Carport Saga Continues

June 26, 2012 prior to roof replacement

Our carport was blown apart on April 22 due to a freak storm in Tropicana Park.  No other home sustained more than minor damage.  You would think that the construction would be complete by now, since we started the process of dealing with this situation within days of the event.

But we have run into insurance issues, contractor choices, unexpected storm damage found (the roof also needed to be replaced), going back to the insurance company for roof coverage, completion of engineering drawings by the contractor, ordering supplies for the re-build and then, unexpectedly, Lee County informed us that our lot was too small to rebuild the car port.  This is amazing because the carport goes back to the 1970’s, and no one ever said anything about this issue, even when we closed on our home.

It turns out that Lee County was referencing the wrong measurements  (I won’t get into how that happened), and AMS’s man about town Earl Sullivan, has been over to Lee County Municipal building so many times, that they ought to give him an office there.

Today I learned that we “should” receive our permit in a few days. Earl is feeling brave, so he is about to schedule the job.  Meanwhile, a white piece of our old carport is sitting on the far bank of the Camelia River. I plan to get it in November, but I must confess, I am afraid of gators  (not the kind that play football in Gainesville.) Someone said that there once was a gator in the Camelia River.—the kind with big teeth and bad temper.  I’m hoping that the Caloosahatchee Indians steal the white thing  and use it for a teepee.     Paul