Carport Saga: August 14, 2012

Carport August 13, 2012.   Roof is now on.  Note the work that remains in the front.   Joan Steinke photo

The carport is being rebuilt according to new codes that will leave us with a sturdier structure that can withstand 160 mph winds.  Note the supports adjacent to the wall of the house.  This is part of what is called  “4 wall construction.”   The job includes gutters and downspouts.  The roof was redone with aluminum:  “The Weather-Lok Roofover System.”  It is insulated and requires no maintenance except for a special coating in case it shows signs of wear in about 8 years.  The warranty on the roof is transferrable.

Note:  Lee County will do a final inspection when the job is finished today.  AMS has been very cooperative and helpful to us since we have been having this work done while we are up in NJ.  The delays have not been their fault.    —Paul