Comments Regarding Hurricane Preparation

  1. makes sense to me

    I feel that Management should keep people informed of anything that affects the community as a whole. Whether it be good or bad. Keeping us informed is just one of the perks of having an on-site manager.

    We were excited for the blog as important news could be given out quickly and accurately. Everything from neighborhood watch incidents to a Boil Water alert. Does’t this sound like a perfect solution???????

    Management manages the community. That means handle, direct, control, govern so let the people know. Communication is important.

  2. just wondering

    Question – Hurricane committee works with wonderful volunteers to secure the community. Doesn’t management, manage? Clarice was in the thick of things during the storm. Is that her job?

  3. crazy

    She is the Manager of the Tropicana Co., Inc. and she was working with the maintenance man to SECURE THE SHIP. Oh my.

  4. Canadian Snowbird

    Rather than burdening Clarice with a host of phone calls, snowbirds who are concerned about their property should call friends or neighbours for info about their property. They should be contacted first before the office since Clarice and Dave have lots to do in a pending emergency. We all have been advised before leaving to go north that our property should be free of movable objects and shutters should be down. If this is not done then the owner should be charged $$$$ for the time spent by management to do so. That is not in their job desription.
    Owners can be charged if their property is not neat and tidy, so why not for maintenace which should have been done before they left.
    Thank you Clarice and Dave for going above and beyond your responsibilities.

  5. Concerned

    Thankfully, we dodged the bullet- this time, but this will not be the last hurricane.

    In fairness to the Co-op, this was their first experience in preparing the park for a hurricane and, from all reports, available staff went above and beyond and should not be criticized for their efforts.

    I believe however, there are some lessons to be learned from this experience and opportunities to improve the process. Going forward, the Co- op should establish a written hurricane preparation procedure which would include communication to residents, additional manpower required, and resident education on their responsibilities.

    I agree with Canadian Snowbird that residents leaving their residence unsecured should be charged for the time spent by park staff in doing so in the event of an emergency.

  6. Northern Resident

    Canadian Snowbird: Love the idea of an additional charge to residents who fail to secure their premises when leaving for season. Also year round residents who know the rules when a tropical storm is coming and do not adhere to the rules. They too would wake-up if you hit the wallet. Great idea.

  7. Full Time Resident

    People who don’t live here full time have no idea what all goes into hurricane preparations. Everyone pitches in to get things ready. The fact that Clarice helped out says a lot about her character and wanting to do what’s best for Tropicana.
    I find it hard to believe that anyone would question her doing that.