Letter to the Editor: “Keep Up the Good Work!”


Hi Paul,

Please keep up the good work! Why does it have to be so hard to gain information from/about our beloved Tropicana!?

I am a new resident/owner as of last year and was not aware off all this animosity amongst the owners/renters.

I have enjoyed your/our blog and look forward for new posts.  

I may not agree with your slant on health care, but I respect your viewpoint and appreciate your knowledge 
and have even learned some new information and great recipes.

I agree that we can all learn from each others experience (ex.your car port). 
We are not retired yet, still working”back home up north” and have only been able to get away a couple times a year.

We pay a lot to have the privilege of staying there and appreciate this blog to stay connected.

Thanks again,


Minneapolis, Minn.

August 15, 2012

2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: “Keep Up the Good Work!”

  1. I agree! Great blog, but don’t agree with your slant on healthcare, and I can’t imagine that anyone who is living in a trailer park would. Billionaires, sure. But the rest of us not so much.

  2. My article on the physician shortage focuses on that problem. If you want to call it a “slant,” that’s OK, but that “slant” is not political. It is an opinion about an aspect of healthcare as seen through the eyes of an experienced physician. So what part of that opinion do you disagree with?

    Perhaps you don’t like any scrutiny of the new healthcare law. Your idea that everyone who lives in a trailer park should have the same opinions on issues such as healthcare is ridiculous and disrespectful of the folks who live in Tropicana.

    My approach to healthcare has been consistent in my writings on the subject. I am concerned about quality care in this country and how the new healthcare law will impact that quality, the doctor-patient relationship and the practice of medicine in America.

    We will not be discussing politics on this blog. We will be talking about healthcare because that is something I know about.

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