Photography Gallery

From the NYC Street Series. Central Park south at dusk.  Left click to see full view.  Then back arrow.     ©By Paul Goldfinger

SOUNDTRACK.  Anita O’Day:  My Ship

Editor’s Note:  The idea of matching music to still photographs is fairly unique in a gallery setting like this. Bill Frisell, the guitarist, did it when he wrote a score for a museum show of the photographer Disfarmer.        That score resulted in a beautiful album.

The music to accompany gallery images on the Forum  is usually chosen either for the lyrics or for the mood (as in this case.)  Anita O’Day was a jazz singer who died in 2006.  This song, “My Ship” , was written in 1941 by Ira Gershwin (lyrics) and Kurt Weill   (who wrote “Three Penny Opera”) for a stage show, but jazz musicians like Miles Davis adopted it.  I think the mood of this version matches the feel of the city at dusk.    —-Paul