The Story of the Traveling Hibiscus.

Eileen’s hibiscus,  August 2012, New Jersey.

By Eileen Goldfinger, Tropicana resident.

Last February when we were in Ft Myers, we took a trip to the Fleamasters flea market on MLK Blvd in Ft. Myers to buy a hibiscus plant for our Florida garden.

I unfortunately didn’t exam the plant carefully.  I was seduced by its beautiful flower and did not notice that it was leggy and had mealy bugs.  Disappointed but undaunted, I placed it on our sunny  patio, repotted it with planting soil  and sprayed it thoroughly every few days with Eight Insect Control by Bonide. I rid it of bugs and pruned it by a third.

Since we were not going to return to Florida for 8 months, I decided to take my hibiscus back to New Jersey and give it some TLC until I could place it outside in June. It rewarded me with endless beautiful flowers all summer.

So this November, when we return to Florida for a few weeks, my hibiscus is coming with me. I plan to take it back and forth with us as we travel from New Jersey to Florida and back.