Southwest Florida Museum of History

From the diorama at the Southwest Florida Museum of History   (News-Press photo)

Did you know that there is a history museum in Ft. Myers which has been open for 30 years?   They have a diorama there that depicts the Battle of Fort Myers  which occurred when there actually was a fort. The date was February 20, 1865.  250 Confederate soldiers attacked the fort and were driven off by 400 Union troops including an all black regiment called “U.S.Colored Troops.”   During the civil war, Fort Myers had many cattle ranches, and the Union soldiers used to supply meat to Grant’s army.

Back around 1850, the fort was used to fight off the Seminole Indians.

The museum is at 2031 Jackson Avenue in downtown Ft. Myers.   Here is a link to their web site:

link to SW Florida Museum of History