Storm Heads to the Northwest. Tropicana “Unscathed.” We will leave this up for awhile because of all the comments below.

NY Times photo of Ft. Myers Beach Sunday, prior to the arrival of Isaac.


“Isaac passed further to the west than was originally reported, thus sparing us from any major damage or flooding.  We had a stop sign down, a couple of street lights had the tops blown off but that was the only real damage Tropicana suffered.  We had wonderful volunteers helping Dave and I prepare the clubhouse, pools and assisting homeowners in preparing their property.  I am so thankful it was not needed.”




13 thoughts on “Storm Heads to the Northwest. Tropicana “Unscathed.” We will leave this up for awhile because of all the comments below.

  1. I am sure that the residents of the Tropicana will keep connected with you so that all of us that are north can know the outcome of Isaac. How great that we have this blog to keep us informed. Amen

  2. The Co-op website has not posted any info about the storm since August 24. They have a website, and this is the perfect opportunity to show how useful it could be. I’m disappointed that none of the residents down there have contacted the Forum with some storm news and/or photos.

  3. Tropicana people are you there??How are you and our beloved park??Please let us know! Your concerned friends from the north are worried about you. Any damage?Flooding?What about the outlying areas?Let’s make this blog work!!

  4. Amazing that I had to call acquaintances that live in Century 21 and also our year round friends that live at Jamacia Bay to find out if power was on around McGregor and John Morris. Shouldn’t Newby Management share this information??? Is anybody out there???????

  5. It’s good to report to everyone that we’re OK down here. Isaac was little more than wind and rain, but nothing like the wind that destroyed Paul’s car port. We may have more wind and rain today but nothing major. That’s just a normal part of hurricanes. Thanks to all for their prayers and concerns. People really do have to put ALL their stuff away before they head back up north, including flower pots, lawn ornaments, furniture. All that “Stuff” is a projectile in a hurricane. We’re sure you would not want it coming through your window and neighbors don’t want to have to think about them coming through their windows if the winds got that strong. They’re just more things that we have to worry about along with all the other preparations.

  6. being the ‘new kids on the block’ we really didn’t know anybody well enough to contact regarding the condition of things in the aftermath of isaac. as a last resort i called clarice on her cell and she relieved some of our anxieties. but still…imagine my relief to find your blog! we’re still ‘part-timers’ but we’re counting the years (4) til we can be at tropicana year – round.

  7. Well, well………………. shouldn’t it be the on-site manager to alert all residents as to the activity of a huge storm or concern to our community. We all pay fees to the Tropicana Co-op, Inc. This was an important feature of having an on-site manager . We are up north wondering if our home is experiencing wind damage, flood damage, power damage. Let”s wake up and ask for answers. Still the same………………..

  8. Paul, I just read the blog and after working as hard as we did and as many hours as we did to prepare not only Co-Op property but individual properties (to the point of getting sick). I am just so hurt that this was posted . Dave and I worked a lot of hours and very hard to ensure this community was as prepared as possible for this storm and yet I have to read comments on your blog like the one below.

    It is very unfortunate that I contracted strep throat and was out of work, but anyone could have reached me on my cell phone. I would have been more than happy to take the calls and relieve peoples concerns ( two people did call me). It is truly disappointing to read these kind of comments when we work so hard for such a wonderful community. I must admit I took this as a very personal assault.

    Editor’s Note: Clarice sent this comment to us on August 29 at 12:55 pm after reading the comment by “hope and change.” Clarice Campbell is the property manager at the Tropicana Co-op. —PG

  9. I feel that Management should keep people informed of anything that affects the community as a whole. Whether it be good or bad. Keeping us informed is just one of the perks of having an on-site manager.

    We were excited for the blog as important news could be given out quickly and accurately. Everything from neighborhood watch incidents to a Boil Water alert. Does’t this sound like a perfect solution???????

    Management manages the community. That means handle, direct, control, govern so let the people know. Communication is important.

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