Tropicana Forum 101

It’s not clear what we should call the park formerly known as Tropicana Mobile Manor. The sign out front says “Tropicana” as does the home page of the website.  But most everythng else refers to it as “Tropicana Co-op.”  No one uses the word “park” except this site which likes to call it “Tropicana Park,” but clearly that is a nickname.

So if you want to invite 15 members of your family to visit this winter, will you tell them that you live in a community called “Tropicana” or “Tropicana Co-op?”  I guess you will call it whatever you want to call it.

But for this blog, I do want to clear one thing up.  In spelling the official hyphenated last name, both “O’s” are not capitalized, so we will follow that rule here in referring to the Tropicana Co-op Park Mobile Manor.  That’s how they do it on the Co-op web site.

One more thing:  If you want to send a link to someone of a particular post on our site, here is how it is done:

1.  Find the post you want to send   (each article is called a post, and each post has a title/headline in green)

2. Click once on the post title which is on top  and this will bring you to a page that consists of only that post.

3. Then look at the URL  (web address) on top, highlight it and copy it.

4.  Then do an email to the person who will get the link and then paste the link into the body of your email. You can practice this procedure by sending a link to yourself and see if you did it right.

Thank you.  Paul