Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

The Rat Pack will be opening this coming weekend at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre in Ft. Myers (photo: News-Press )

Did you know that there is a dinner theatre in Fort Myers?  The Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre is celebrating its 20th anniversary with new programming, a renovation, and a new menu.  They are located at 1380 Colonial Boulevard.

There are only three dinner theaters left in Florida, and this one entertains about 150,000 people each year, including many senior citizens coming by bus from the east coast of Florida.

The next show to open will be this weekend:  “The Rat Pack.”

Here is a link:

Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre Link

And here are two of the original members of the Rat Pack (Frankie—old blue eyes; and Deano—old red eyes)  performing “It’s a marshmallow world.”