Photography Gallery

Great Auditorium. Ocean Grove, New Jersey. By Paul Goldfinger

The Great Auditorium was built over 100 years ago as the centerpiece of a religious community founded by Methodists from the Holiness Movement. It was mostly a summer community, and music was a large part of their lives. This 6,000 seat building held church services but also many musical events with performances by John Phillip Sousa, Enrico Caruso, and many other classical, religious, and secular artists.

In recent times Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, Paul Anka, Neil Sedaka, Diana Krall, Abba, and others have performed here. The 11,000 pipe Hope-Jones organ attracts organists from around the world.  Today, the town of Ocean Grove is a historic Victorian year-round community with great diversity. It is on the National Historic Register.

Because of the musical heritage, no one would think it unusual to accompany this photograph by music.  Here is “Rosa” by the Brazilian composer  Alfredo Vianna  (1897-1973):